Simple Pot Rods

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This article is about the original Pot Rod. You can find information about the new Advanced Anode Meter here.


The Pot Rod Meter

The Pot Rod Meter is designed to make Anode Metering an easier job. The Pot Rod Meter consists of a measurement head, a connecting shaft, a handle, and a meter box.



The Pot Rod Meters are lightweight to reduce back strain and to ensure that arm muscles become less tired, with the handle and the connecting shaft designed to reduce exposure to heat and the need to reach into the measurement area.


Customized for your location

The Pot Rod Meters come in three standard lengths and three head sizes (see table below). These sizes are provided to suit various cell designs. If required, further customization can be made to the Pot Rod Meter to suit your needs.



The pot rod meter measures the voltage-drop over a fixed length of the anode bar. The displayed value is based on the known current / volt for the Pot (rod cross section, number of rods/anode, number of anodes, etc). Selection of head size should take into account the required operating range. The meter has a range of 200 millivolts.

The meter box provides a socket that can be connected to a specialized logger that collects readings from the meter.



The part number for the various models is specified as follows:



  |     |   |   |

  |     |   |    - Version number

  |     |    - Length of shaft in mm, 400, 770, 123

  |      - Spacing between head tips in inches, 6 = 6", 45 = 4.5", 3 = 3''

   - Model number