C-Born Software Systems has a 25 year track record of delivering services above expectations, on time and within budget.

We provide the following services: 



  • Our fully qualified engineers can assist in all stages of the design process
  • Work either on site or from our offices (located in Australia and Latin America)
  • For larger firms we can speed up development of prototypes by direct purchasing to bypass long delays and high costs often associated with purchasing departments


Custom Microprocessor Control Systems

  • Complete dedicated control packages generated in our advanced workstations and microprocessor development environment

Based on either:

        • Our propriety real time multitasking operating system, network interfaces and other field and time tested components
        • Standard platforms such as embedded Linux or Windows CE


Minicomputer and Workstation Software Development and Support

  • Our engineers have been developing computer based industrial control solutions for over 30 years
  • Support provided for ‘legacy systems’ and upgrading old or obsolete systems to current standards


Personal Computer Software

  • With our broad and detailed knowledge of personal computers we can develop programs such as:
        • Auto-routing PCB artwork generation tools 
        • Graphics terminal emulation
        • Interpreters to device drivers
        • Complete networks and graphical user interfaces
  • Our languages of choice are C/C++/C#, with experience using other languages such as assembler (various families), FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL and PYTHON.
  • We can replicate older dedicated control equipment with new PC-based data acquisition tools to create a user-friendly front end for operators, improved data collection and integration capabilities via standard networking, and a consistent easily managed interface platform.


Electrical Equipment Design

  • Experience designing and manufacturing electrical control equipment that meets relevant Australian Standards, such as:
        • Relays
        • Wide range of PLCs
  • Experience supervising large scale design projects from initial preparation to completion


PLC Programming

  • Extensive experience programming numerous makes of PLC
  • In house easily customized systems to enhance development, maintenance and readability of PLC software, including:
        • Symbolic assemblers
        • Ladder logic display programs
        • Cross reference generators
        • Up and down loading utilities
        • Simulators
        • Automatic program documentation facilities 



Contact us for further enquiries about how we can help you develop integrated software and hardware solutions for your business.